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Summer 2018

Health & Safety


Your Child's Well Being at the Farm

Participating children benefit from our two generations of providing a warm, safe, satisfying experience. Several factors contribute to the overall atmosphere of meaningfulness and security. Since the Barkers live at the farm, they share the same environment and daily happenings with their visitors. Barkers plus their summer assistants make the ratio one adult to six visitors. Since the experience is non-compulsory, those who come to the farm want to be there and many return summer after summer. As animal lovers, the visiting children tend to be a caring and cheerful group.

The policies and ground rules reflect many years of experience. Upon arrival, visitors are carefully oriented with attention to safety and appropriate interaction with the farm. With clear guidelines in place, the children then enjoy a perception of freedom and empowerment. This enables them to not only claim the farm as their own, but to derive the greatest benefit and depart the farm on Friday with lingering feelings of purpose and satisfaction.

A broad range of ages and abilities enhance feelings of security. The absence of competition promotes collaboration in all aspects of life on the farm. The real-life nature of the experience appeals to each child's sense of responsibility and results in an atmosphere of trust and commitment.

The Country School Farm, since its inception in 1976, has been annually inspected by the State of Ohio Department of Health and is licensed as a Resident Camp and Food Service. Each adult has passed a background check, have current First Aid and CPR training, Ben is a ceritified Wilderness First Responder. The Barkers have over forty years of designing a safe, healthy environment. Upon arrival, children are instructed in cleanliness and safety matters. If needed, EMS is ten minutes from the farm.

Sleeping Arrangements

Bedroom at the farmThe farmhouse is roomy, clean, and airy. The children sleep on large, screened-in sleeping porches that wrap around the house. The visitors know where the Barkers sleep and can easily access them if help is necessary during the night.
Boys and girls have separate rooms. Siblings of the same gender sleep in the same room. Only those nine and over are assigned to upper bunks (which are equipped with guard rails) unless otherwise requested. Although we cannot promise special sleeping arrangements, you may note your preference on the back of the Medical Information Form.


Allergies and Food Intolerances

Mild Allergies:
Children with mild allergies and those on medication for allergies usually do fine here. Keep in mind that the children spend a lot of time in the barn and with animals so those with severe animal allergies are not a good match for the farm.

Food Intolerances:
Our meals are varied enough that those with a single food intolerance (gluten, lactose, etc.) do fine by simply skipping the item at meals. However, if your child has multiple intolerances you should contact us to make sure our menu is able to accommodate. No substitute food or drinks may be sent with children.

Anaphylactic Allergies:
Children with severe food allergies may attend as long as they are able to consume food that may have been "processed on equipment with" or "contain traces of" the allergen.

The Food

Our eggs come from our own free range chickens, the meat comes from local stock and includes: ham/loins, summer sausage, hot dogs and beef. We churn butter, grind flour, and bake whole-wheat bread. Our cheese is made at local cheese houses. Many of the vegetables are harvested for the table fresh from our garden. Our fruit is purchased weekly at the local market and all summer we harvest wild berries. We sweeten with honey. Due to the activity level here children develop great appetites and many go for "seconds." There is always plenty to go around.



 A Typical Day's Menu

  • Penny's honey oat-cereal (very popular)
  • milk.
  • orange slices
  • whole wheat toast, butter and honey
  • scrambled eggs with and without cheese
    (from our free range chickens)
  • summer sausage (hot from the oven)
  • cheese (mozzarella, colby, colby/jack, etc)
  • crackers (saltines, wheat), grahams
  • tortilla chips
  • apples
  • bananas
  • orange slices
  • other fruits in season - (plums, peaches, strawberries, cherries, grapes, pears, etc.)
  • spaghetti with sauce
  • toasted warm garlic bread from the morning's baking of French bread and butter-making
  • fresh salad from the garden
  • cottage cheese
  • Penny's honey cocoa


Although we do serve meat, vegetarians do fine by simply skipping it and eating the other sources of protein available.



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