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Summer 2018

Registration, Fees, Calendar and Space Availability

Is the Farm a Match for Your Child?

The Country School Farm gives children a realistic view of another way of living that is much like a farm in the early 1900's. Please explain to your child that this is not a camp or school in the traditional sense, but the Barkers' family farm, their home. Visiting children become active participants in the day-to-day life of the farm and depart on Friday bearing long-lasting feelings of satisfaction. In aid of this outcome, we will ask your child to follow the"rules of the farm" outlined on Monday morning after arrival. Visitors are encouraged to try their best to be good guests and willing participants.  If you wish to enroll:

  • Make sure your child takes part in the decision and really wants to attend.

  • If your child comes with a friend (not necessary as children make friends from day one), be sure both are primarily interested in the farm experience. Friends can become a "pair" focusing on one another to the exclusion of all else, spoiling the week for everyone.

  • Please note that the farm is not suitable for children with difficult personalities.

  • Your child's birthday should not fall during or on the weekend following his/her farm experience.

How to Register:

  • Email us indicating your choice of session and, if possible, a second choice if spaces are limited, your child's name, age at the time of attendance, and gender. (Note: If you are considering enrolling a six year old, we recommend an older sibling attend the same session.)

  • We will respond indicating that your space is reserved and will be held for ten days while you mail an application and payment.  NOTE: All fees are refundable in full until 2pm of our May 6, 2018 Open House.

  • Add to your approved senders. Please email us if you have any questions. We can also email you a list of references that include families from your area whom you are free to contact.


Summer 2018 Calendar and Space Availability:

Our enrollment for this summer is a maximum of 30 visitors each week.

All-girls weeks are for ages 6*-12.

Coed weeks are for girls ages 6*-12 and boys ages 6*-9.

The May 26 all-boys three day session is for boys ages 8-12.

Our summer session arrivals are Monday at 9 am and dismissals are Fridays at 3 pm.

*Note: six year olds should attend with an older sibling.

Three-Day Memorial Day Weekend Session:

May 26- 28 (boys)

Five-Day Summer Sessions:

June 11-15 (girls)      (space available)         

June 18-22 (girls)   

June 25-29 (coed)        

July 9-13 (girls)      (space available)    

July 16-20 (girls)      (space available)   

July 23-27 (coed)     

August 6-10 (girls)     (space available)         

August 13-17 (girls)     (space available)

August 20-24 (coed)  


Five Day Sessions:

$930 for new visitors, includes the required set of six Country School Farm t-shirts.
$885 for returning visitors, does not include t-shirts.

Three-Day All boys weekend:
$610 for new visitors, includes the required set of three Country School Farm t-shirts.
$580 for returning visitors, does not include t-shirts.


All fees are fully refundable any time before 2 pm, May 6, 2018 (Open House).
After May 6, 2018 fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.



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