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Summer 2018

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If you wish to discuss the experience with a family from your area that has participated for two years or more you may email and we will email you a list. The unsolicited letters below demonstrate typical responses to the program. You may find many more in our "Photos & Letters" section.


This is the best place imaginable if your child loves animals and dreams of beautiful country living.  The simple farm life, detached from electronics and videos, isn't what my daughter thought she wanted to do at first.  However, when we picked her up on Friday, the first thing she said was she wanted to come back again, a huge smile on her face.  Once home she looked up our city ordinances on having goats in our backyard (Luckily it's forbidden so I don't have to be the bad guy.)  Our daughter enjoyed learning the simple parts of farm life, from taking care of the animals to helping with household chores. I’m grateful that some of that enthusiasm has stayed with her and she’s still more helpful now that she’s home. She’s getting ready to go back again this summer, already packing her bag. I love this place and, by the way, I spent many of my summers there back in the ‘70’s and 80’s. I saw it grow and evolve, yet maintain the close-knit family atmosphere where everyone is cherished. -- Jeff Martin, VA


Now that I have observed the reactions of three different children who have spent time with you and your family, I am amazed at how each one receives exactly what he/she needs out of the experience. Their lives would not be complete without you!--The Vogels, IL


How can we thank you enough for sharing your wonderful farm and excellent values with Robin? He greatly enjoyed and benefited from his week with you. He is a better person for it. We also would like to learn to milk goats and separate cream so if you ever decide to do grown-ups .--The Yosts, PA

Thank you for the experiences Sarah had on the farm last summer. She still talks so often about the things she was able to see and do. She is so much more willing to help around the house now and that's a big plus! We are very happy that she was able to get a glimpse of a simple, yet busy life.--The Waltons, OH


I had such wonderfully positive experiences there while growing up, so unique and valuable compared to what most of my peers experienced. Going to the farm reminds me of all the possibilities that exist.--Craig Tower, OH


Standing at the foot of your drive for the last time yesterday, we both thought about how much The Country School has meant to Anne (and Bess, much longer ago) and how sad we were that this was her last visit. Nothing we know of will take its place in the years to come. Anne will carry her experiences and her memories of her weeks with you forever. You've contributed so much to shaping her independence and her view of the world. She remembers moments and events from each of her visits and they come up in conversations constantly. We're so glad The Country School has been a part of our children's lives.--The Roberts, OH


We want to thank you for the acceptance and warmth you showed Elise during her time on the farm. Although Elise is shy, she absorbs everything but sometimes can't find a way to react. She feels safe, comfortable and useful with you and enjoys the stable rhythm of the farm. Of Richard, Elise says he knows who is shy and lets us be ourselves. And Penny's response to Elise's complaint of homesickness made Elise realize that one can survive homesickness and that she has to accept missing us and home as part of her choice in going to visit you! Elise can't wait to show her younger brother around and share the experience with him.--Beth Coughlan/David Wang


My daughters are very different in their personalities, likes and dislikes, yet each had a unique and satisfying experience. Your farm has so much to offer them. When they describe their experiences, it's almost as if they were at two different places. After listening to them and appreciating their sincere enthusiasm, I concluded that the experience is so very special because they truly feel part of the farm family. It's a big boost to their self-esteem. Children today are involved in so many activities in and outside of school. Most of these require them to compete or strive to be the best. Kids are experiencing a lot of stress. Your farm makes them feel important and special without competition or stress. You've given them memories that they'll treasure always.--Jeannie Skinner, PA


Serena (age 11) earned the enclosed money herself, delivering papers, just so she could return to the Country School Farm. A "can do" kid, she wanted to ..."do it all herself." Last year at this time she was depressed and in a slump.... We visited your Open House, then she attended TCSF in August. This year...she is so much more happy and focused. Just talking about TCSF puts her in a good mood. She seems much more grounded, fearless, mature and competent after her week with you. What else can I say? Viva La Country School!!!--Jenny Hohmann-Jones, MI


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